Pterygium Care in BundabergA pterygium is a growth on the surface of the eye. A pterygium is caused by sun damage and so they are very common in Queensland. The best ways to prevent a pterygium growing is to wear wraparound sunglasses or a wide brimmed hat. Surgery is required if a pterygium is affecting the vision or is causing a lot of symptoms such as the soreness and irritation.

What are the problems with a pterygium?

A pterygium doesn’t always causes problems. However a pterygium can cause redness and irritation or have an impact on vision.

What is the surgery for a pterygium?

The operation is done using local anaesthetic and it is called a pterygium excision and conjunctival graft. The pterygium is peeled back and removed and then conjunctiva from the top of the eyeball is stitched into place. The graft is to prevent regrowth of the pterygium. Using this technique the recurrence rate is less than 1 percent.