Where is the Clinic located?

Do we bulk bill?

All appointments have a fee and we can process a Medicare rebate for you at the clinic upon payment of your account. Accounts are required to be paid on the day at the conclusion of your consultation.

Do we offer any discounts?

Yes! We do offer significant discounts to patients who hold a valid Centrelink Pension card or Healthcare card.

Do I need to bring my glasses?

Yes. It is very important we are able to assess your vision properly. Even if you don’t wear your glasses very often, please bring them with you to your appointment.

Is there any parking at the clinic?

Yes there is. We have a dedicated car park directly in front of the building and there are usually plenty of street parks available too.

Can I drive after my appointment?

For many eye conditions your eyes will need to be dilated so we can see inside your eye. This often makes vision a little blurry and light sensitive. We advise you not to drive and to organise alternative arrangements. If you are unsure please feel free to call our friendly staff and ask if you are likely to require dilatation.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, please call our clinic and speak to one of our friendly staff.   Your GP or Optometrist may also call on your behalf to book for you.

Do I need a letter of referral?

You can be seen without a referral by one of our Optometrists, however for an Ophthalmologist appointment, doing so would mean you cannot claim your visit through Medicare and you would have to pay for your visit in full with no reimbursement.

As a result we generally insist, for your own sake financially, that you obtain a letter of referral from either your GP or Optometrist for all Ophthalmologist appointments. Letters of referral also help us in understanding your eye condition and allow us to allocate the appropriate time and equipment based on your needs.

What if my condition is urgent and I can’t wait for the next appointment?

Don’t panic we will always make time for you. You must see your GP or Optometrist first for an initial assessment and if they decide your condition is urgent, your GP or Optometrist then needs to contact us directly to request an urgent appointment. We will then see you generally within 24hrs, depending on the nature of your condition.

You are also welcome to call us directly to book in for an urgent appointment with one of our Optometrists for a consultation at short notice.  Please just advise the reception staff when you phone.